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My : Investment Strategy

Security and active portfolio management.

My : Investment Strategy ®

An investment account designed to be part of an efficient financial plan. A solution inspired by today’s world where a combination of flexibility and freedom enables investors to protect and nurture their assets.

An investment solution for investors who wish to invest a single capital sum. Providing access to some of the worlds most respected fund managers within a choice of risk graded portfolios (Cautious, Balanced or Aggressive) and specialist funds with the flexibility to amend investment choice as frequently as required.

Technical Specs

Key Features

  • Investment account designed with medium and long-term capital growth in mind.

  • Benefit from actively managed global investment strategies tailored to your personal risk profile.

  • 100% online application and administration.

  • Domiciled in Guernsey, a premier, well regulated financial services centre.

  • Free choice of beneficiaries' designation ensuring your investments benefit the people they are meant to.

  • Minimum initial contribution of USD 10,000.

  • Minimum additional contributions of USD 1,500.

My : Savings Strategy ® Brochure
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