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Get your financial freedom, investing with the security of real estate, the comfort of tokenization and the security of a regulated jurisdiction.

Our Products

Dominaria translates complicated financial speak, into simple products that anybody can understand. 
My : Investment Strategy (MIS) ® and My : Savings Strategy (MSS) ® are designed for investors that seek growth, capital protection, or saving for long-term goals. Assets are actively managed by our FCA (UK) regulated team and allocated to world-class fund managers and held in custody by a network of the world's most reputable banks. 
A proprietary market leading fintech platform supports every aspect of our clients' accounts. From paperless applications & secure online transactions, to real time data & 24/7 customer service. 

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About us

At EZE, we believe that robust financial planning solutions should not be a privilege of high net worth individuals alone. 

To make this possible, we rely on advanced fintech innovations that integrate the best investment solutions into simple, flexible & cost-efficient products for the lump sum or regular savings investor. 

And, you're not alone. An authorized financial advisor in your home country will assist you during the lifetime of your account with whatever you may need.


Bordewijklaan 15, 2591 XR Den Haag, Luxemburg

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